Frequently Asked Questions

Is delivery included in the price?

We typically charge $52 for (weekday) delivery.

Can I pick up a moonwalk?

Baystate allows customers to pick up standard moonwalks ONLY! You may not pick up the moonwalks that have slides/obstacle courses etc.

When can I pick up my rental?

You may come on the Friday before your event between 2pm-4pm ONLY to pick up your items.

When does my rental need to be returned if I have picked it up?

You may return your rental items to us on the Monday after your event between 8am-4pm.

When is the office open?

Our office is open 8 am until 5 pm every Monday through Friday.

What if I have a problem with the equipment I have rented and it is after normal business hours?

If you have a problem you can call the emergency contact number 978-851-3313. This is for assistance with equipment that has been delivered this is not a number where you can add to an order or place an order.

Is there a deposit required?

We do require a deposit of at least $50 (on a credit card) for any ordered placed; however we require 50% down on any tent order over a 30' wide tent. For example anything over a 20x40 tent will require 50% of the tent down.

What is the 50% Sunshine Policy?

Any tent order placed over a 20x40 wide tent will be subject to our 50% Sunshine policy. If you should cancel the tent within 10 days of your party we will keep the required 50% deposit. Please cancel any tent order at least 10 days prior to your event to avoid loosing your deposit.

What is the right size tent for my event?

To make sure you have the right size tent for your event we need to know what is going under it. The number of people, tables, etc determine how big of a tent you will need. Call our office to make sure you get the right size tent. (978)851-2002

When/how do I place my order?

You should place your order as soon as you know what you want to insure that it is available. To order anything you must call our office (978) 851-2002.

How is payment handled?

The total balance of your order must be paid before the event. You may prepay with a credit card or pay with cash upon delivery. Baystate will no longer except personal checks.

When is delivery/pickup?

We typically deliver on Thursday or Fridays. Customers are given an approximate delivery time (8am-12pm, 10am-2pm, etc). We are as flexible as our schedule allows us to be. We then return the following Monday or Tuesday to pick everything up. Customers do not need to be home at time of pickup and are not made aware of pickup time.

Does somone need to be home when you deliver?

Baystate strongly suggest that you have someone over the age of 18 on the property to receive your delivery; however if you can not be home at that time and cannot have anyone at the property we can send you a Flag Placement Packet. (see Flag Placement Packet)

What is the Flag Placement Packet?

If you cannot make arangements to be home for your delivery Baystate will send you a Flag Placement Packet you will need to measure the space where your equipment will be placed and put flags in the area that your tent/moonwalk will go.

Do you still deliver if it rains?

We do not cancel due to rain, it is up to the customer to cancel their order. Once it is packed and in route for delivery it can not be canceled.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be done 1 week before your event to receive your deposit back, unless you have rented a tent larger than a 20x40. If you have put down the required 50% to hold the larger tent you will only have 10 days out to cancel. If you should cancel after the 10 day descision period we will not refund the tent deposit. Please see our 50% sunshine policy on tents larger than 20x40.

Is there a difference between pole and frame tents?

Yes! Pole tents MUST be used over grass. They need an extra five feet around them to allow proper staking. They also have center poles and ropes on the outside. Frame tents can be used on grass or cement. They don't have center poles or ropes outside

How many tables will fit under the tent?

Tables need about 100 square feet. 8-10 people can fit at a 8 foot banquet or 5 foot round table.

What size dance floor should I get?

Typically you want to allow 4 square feet per dancer

What is alternate staking?

Alternate staking is used in place of staking into the ground. We use large cement blocks to weigh down the tent. We do this when we cannot stake into the ground.

Why would I need sandbags?

We use sandbags to weigh down moonwalks when we cannot stake into the ground. Such as on cement.

What if I have a sprinkler system or a septic tank?

You need to let us know if you have anything under the ground so that we do not stake into it. We are not responsible for damages to any underground pipes, wires or systems. Please make crew aware of any systems upon installation. All underground systems must be properly marked as to avoid staking into them.